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Here at shopetsy you can: Discover new artists, shop with indie handcrafters, promote your Etsy shop, get the first look at the latest creations, and make new friends. Buy and sell handmade items of all kinds. The ShopEtsy community is a fun place to shop, show us your latest Etsy purchase, and network with some great people. Even if you have a slow internet connection, you can easily load a page full of images here. Come join us!


  • Images should not exceed 400x400 pixels. But we will not delete them unless they exceed 500x500. Use the lj-cut tag for larger images.
  • One image per entry. If you would like to post more, then use the lj-cut.
  • If your image might be disturbing or triggering for some people, be considerate & place it under an lj-cut.
  • Don't hotlink images from etsy.com - We reccomend: Flickr, Photobucket and ImageShack.
  • You may post a new etsy shop promo once a day. (Please include a link to your etsy shop)
  • Do NOT spam this community.
  • No ebay, no advertising anything other than your etsy shop.
  • No drama. Be nice and considerate.
  • Sorry, but if your post violates one or more of these rules, it will be deleted.

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